Secure pay load: 450kg
Minimal height: 4,60m
Maximal height: 7,00m
At a sturdy crossbeam, a carrier bar or to all four sides secured ceiling bar.
The rings and the rope are hung at 3 points at a width by maximal 1,50m.
Light from the top between the rings in blue
4 spots from all 4 sides from the corners:
2 in blue
2 in mauve
1 follow spot
Sound: Music is available on CD or MD.
Msc: A mat with the minimum measurements of 20 x 130 x 250cm is required at a height of 6m or above.
Artificial dry fog at the beginning of the presentation.
In addition an assistant will be required who will keep away the rope during the presentation and hands it back to the artist at the end.