Tamara Gray learned her skills at the State School of Ballet and the Physical Arts in Berlin. She was the first woman to receive training in the “Roman Rings”, an apparatus previously reserved for elite male gymnasts. She perfected her act under choreographer Ernest Iouvilov.

Since then she has appeared at the following variety theatres:
- the GOP in Hanover, Essen and Bad Oeynhausen
- Luna, Dortmund
- Pegasus, Bensheim
- et cetera, Bochum
- Chamäleon, Berlin
- the Starclub in Kassel and Fulda
- Marienkirche, Frankfurt/Oder
- Krystallpalast, Leipzig

She has enchanted audiences at countless gala shows:
- Deutsche Bank
- Mercedes Benz
- West LB
-Ballettgalas of the Choreographer Mark Bogarts
-Daidogei World Coup, Shizuoka/Japan